How To Not Forget A Language

It has been a while since the start of this year, and this would mean that almost everyone had started their respective schools. For my case which is being in the first year of junior college, this is when the subject combination that all students take in my school are confirmed today. And so, two years starting from now, I will be taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Literature as my four main subjects.

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Gosick: First Impressions

With the latest season of anime series going on for a while, its time to look at some of these recent ones to see how they have progressed so far. Here we will be looking a favourite of mine, Gosick.

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Bungaku Shoujo

This is, the story of me and the “literature girl”.
Why am I writing once again?
That’s because on that day, under the magnolia tree…
I chanced upon her.

It’s the new year for everyone and it has also been more than a month since the start of Shiro no Monogatari. And so, in order to welcome the year 2011, we are going to start off with the very first review of this blog: the movie Bungaku Shoujo!

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A Little Christmas Exchange with a Fellow Blogger

White Devil Team vs Little Busters!

Today, Hayate-sensei came over to teach me all about the meaning of life. Out of his hands came a deck of Weiss Schwarz cards, in which he wants me to prove myself using my own deck in a battle between cute 2D girls.

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Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas…

Christmas, one of my favourite celebrations of the year, has finally arrived. While I’m not exactly a religious person myself, I do believe in the spirit of giving, and to make ourselves a better person through acts of kindness and good deeds. Read the rest of this page »

STGCC 2010 Cosplay Competition

It’s been a week since the end of STGCC 2010, so right now I’ll be wrapping things up. Presenting the main highlight of the event, the Cosplay Competition!
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STGCC 2010 Day 2

Greetings everyone and here’s the second update to the Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention. Apologies for being unable to deliver this update to you all earlier as I was busy freeing up some memory space in my computer as well as adjusting to my recent change in shift of my holiday job. However on the bright side this should also give me more time to write my posts, so be sure to check back for updates!

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