A Certain Chain of Magical Events

Hey everyone, and here’s the first post of Shiro no Monogatari. When I think about it, the internet was the very first thing that fueled my passion for anime, manga as well as all things Japanese. This is all thanks to the wonderful tool known as the search engine.

Recalling the time before I devoted time into these things, my world used to revolve around what I already knew. As such, I usually followed the trends set by my classmates, or otherwise tried copying whatever my elder brother did such as football and stuff. Eventually with television, it was only after a while that things hinted what I would become today.

Excluding Pokemon and perhaps Digimon, which I have some hesitancy in classifying them as anime, the first anime I had ever watched was either Cardcaptor Sakura or Samurai X on the AXN Channel. I never had much chance to watch the first, but the latter which consisted of some episodes that I had watched had me gaining an interest in all things that had to do with blades. I even received a model of Himura Kenshin from one of my relatives, to which I eventually misplaced it (my brother is still holding onto a bunch of his though). However, my passion soon died down as sudden as it started when I was unable to find anymore decent anime to watch.

Collecting some Pokemon manga along the way, my dormant passion soon awakened when I picked up the first volume of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by CLAMP. Thus, a chain of magical events started via the net. I discovered that Tsubasa’s characters were in fact crossover characters from previous works, with the two main characters coming from none other than Cardcaptor Sakura themselves (and to think that I didn’t figure that out sooner before buying the book). I then read some of its manga, watched some of its anime, and after which felt the ラブラブ (love-love) relationship between Sakura and Syaoran that made them one of my favourite pairings today.

The next phase when I looked for information on Final Fantasy IX, a series which I frequently watched my brother playing the game. Surfing the web to search for the lyrics for ‘Melodies of Life’, I came to a site that featured a bunch of thumbnails linking to descriptions of animes. On an almost random choice, I picked the very one that perhaps set in motion for me to become what I am today. The anime Kanon.

Kanon, with its 2006 version consisting of 24 episodes, was the one that made me such a sucker for anything of a crying genre. Which was indeed to be expected, considering the hit it was as a visual novel being the ever-first naki-ge (crying game). Further research and links then led me to both Air and Clannad that was both made by Key as a visual novel and produced by Kyoto Animation as an anime.

The second and much larger chain of events soon followed. With Kyoto Animation I discovered Lucky Star and Haruhi, with Clamp I discovered Chobits, and with Key I discovered Little Busters! and Planetarian. To be able to map out everything would be impossible, but what became of it was a downhill roll that spreaded out and made me aware of the wonders of anime, manga and of course Japan.

Even in the present such chains still exist for me. Following the seiyuu life of Hanazawa Kana, the voice actress of my favourite Tachibana Kanade in Angel Beats!, I found out that she voiced the character Sengoku Nadeko in Bakemonogatari (which I have yet to watch), and sang her opening theme Renai Circulation. With that, her song has been stuck in my head and it was futile for me to not receive moegasms from the sweet voice of hers.

Next time you see a link to the studios or seiyuus that helped produced your favourite anime, why not check it out? You’ll never know what new things you will eventually discover.


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