My Nendoroid-Petit Can’t Be This Cute

After getting back home, it seems that I received an unknown parcel from outer space.

It appears that it wasn’t a bomb or a death threat, so I removed the package from the box. Apparently the sender was nice enough to protect it with bubble-wrap.

It seems my mind-control plan to make CDJapan send a box of nendoroid-petit to my house worked. And with that, Yui, Otonashi and Kanade have arrived safely at my doorsteps.

Have taken the three of them out of their packaging. It was difficult taking them apart and putting them back together just to remove the protective plastic in between, but I guess my effort was rewarded in the end. Here are the three characters from Angel Beats!!


The first character to be removed from my box. Taking her out of her packaging was easy, though it seemed that the hand wasn’t positioned properly to allow her to hold the guitar up to her waist. Oh well. At least she still looks cute.

Tachibana Kanade (Tenshi)

Second character to be taken out. Her wings were provided, but I decided not to use it since it made adjusting her onto her base difficult. Her blades from ‘hand sonic’ is also there, however she seemed much cuter without them when she shows her ‘normal’ side.

Otonashi Yuzuru

Last character to be taken out after Kanade (Wow I just realised that I have taken out these characters in the order of their disappearances from the Other World). Not much problems here. Hoped that I could get a different set of arms so that he could probably show a ‘ready’ pose to take down creatures with his gun, but I guess this is cool too.

Shinda Sekai Sensen reunites!

And now Yui, Kanade and Otonashi are ready to do battle! First stop, the afterlife, next stop, the Real World!


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