STGCC 2010 Day 1

For some who may have missed it, yesterday was the first day of the Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention. And with that, here is the first event coverage on Shiro no Monogatari!

To get to the event early I had to get up at 9am and take a direct bus to the venue. As a three-day ticket worths as much as two one-day tickets, I got the first one since I had plans to return the next day.

In case you didn’t know, STGCC brings the concept of queuing early to a new level. Exclusive freebies that can’t be obtained anywhere are given to the first few patrons who attend the respective event.

By the time it was 10 minutes before the opening of the event, the queue has stretched to way beyond what you can see.

Because the Empire and the Death Star needs funding too.

... Should I be feeling guilty?

Eventually I attended some theatre events which took place on a different level from all the main attractions (again for the freebies). Most of these smaller sub-events are usually related to Marvel or DC, while some also showcase the upcoming anime shown on Animax and have panels on games etc.

C.B. Cebulski from Marvel

First was a short talk of a talent hunt in Singapore and Asia by C.B. Cebulski who came all the way from America. Representing Marvel as a talent scout, he talked of the processes inspiring artists and writers could take to submit their portfolios to Marvel, while answering queries from the audience.

Gail Simone & Ivan Brandon from DC

Next was a talk from Gail Simone and Ivan Brandon representing DC as current writers of their comics. While they never talked much to the panel topic of ‘What’s new and upcoming at DC’ considering some information that is required to be kept confidential, they did do a good job in helping to answer some fanboy questions from the audience regarding their work and each of the audience’s own favourite comics.

Om nom nom nom...

Stomach gave in by 4pm so I went off to eat lunch/dinner. Because otakus are people too. Here I’m having a delicious fried saba with rice and soup.

As you can see the same halls that held Anime Festival Asia is huge enough to hold all of the 3 aspects of pop culture. Here you can imagine how large the area is, while in front here we have some computers that are set up for people to play demo games from Asiasoft Online and other companies.

Other than the theatre, a stage is also constructed at the back and centre of the two halls. Here most anime screenings and meet-and-greet sessions are held here, including the highlight of the event which is the cosplay competition for the solo, group and children category.

Group photo of all 10 finalists

For Friday’s event it was the Solo category consisting of 10 finalists. Mentioning all of them here would certainly result in this page having more pictures than needed, so I’m most likely going to talk about them in another post to wrap things up.

And after a tiring day it’s time to return home… to prepare for the next trip tomorrow.

Loot from Day 1

With that it was also troublesome to carry all the loot and freebies home, but it does feel good when you look at what you have obtained from the event in the end (other than some sore legs).

Will also be creating a post of all the loot obtained from both days eventually. Look forward to the update on STGCC 2010 Day 2!

STGCC Homepage:
Photos from Day 1:


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