STGCC 2010 Cosplay Competition

It’s been a week since the end of STGCC 2010, so right now I’ll be wrapping things up. Presenting the main highlight of the event, the Cosplay Competition!
For this post I shall be covering on only the Solo category, considering that it was the only segment I stayed on for on Saturday. Other than showing pictures of these brilliant cosplayers who have indeed worked hard to become the top finalists, I will be giving some comments of my own as well, and finally announcing the results of the competition.

Without further ado, let the competition begin!

1) Suu (Clover)

Suu from Clover

First up is Suu from CLAMP’s manga Clover, who performed by singing the theme song of the OVA as well as dancing to the instrumental version of it.

Indeed being able to make such wings that are held up by a few wires is no easy feat, which I can certainly say so myself even if I’m not a cosplayer. However the girl’s own character didn’t seem to match up with the main character’s personality. Even so I must give credit to where it is due, and applaud this cosplayer for being able to sing a Japanese song without any background music and to dance rather well in timing with the instrumental music.

2) Kamen Rider Den-o – Climax Form (Kamen Rider Den-o)

Kamen Rider Den-o Climax Form from Kamen Rider Den-o

Next up is Kamen Rider Den-0 in his Climax form. This is considered as his strongest form in the series, where the main protagonist is possessed by several spirits in order attain it.

When you are cosplaying as a character with multiple personalities, its definitely fun to see all of them at the same time arguing with each other. And that was exactly what this cosplayer presented in his skit. Using a clip from one of the episodes, he acted out each persona with poses and actions. While it seems odd that he kept turning round to represent the change in personality, it was still amusing in the end.

3) Road Kamelot (D.Gray-man)

Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man

Third is the spunky, punk-like Road Kamelot from the popular series D-Grayman. For her skit, this cosplayer sung the Korean song ‘Abracadabra’.

I really liked how this person has done up her hair, making it stand up like the spiky hair from a classic anime character. However, sadly, such a nice cosplay has pretty much gone to waste when she is unable to sing any louder than the background music itself. This just goes to show that choosing the right song is important as well if you decide to sing, even if it is said that singing a Korean song is difficult.

4) Elementalist (Granado Espada)

Elementalist from Granado Espada

I was surprised to see an Elementalist participating in this Cosplay Competition, when I thought that most cosplayers would usually dress up as a character from the Japanese culture. It seems that that’s what you get in such a convention that promotes games as well.

While the costume is purchased online (as mentioned by the cosplayer herself in her short interview), it was touched up by her as well, so I guess it isn’t so bad considering how it turned out. Even so, just like before, a good costume can be pretty much ruined by an inappropriate skit, where the cosplayer tried to reenact a scene within the game with the use of the screen. No matter how nice it was, the visuals wasn’t appealing at all, while the person had her back facing the audience the whole time. So much for the presentation points.

5) Dong Bai (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

Dong Bai from Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Half more to go! The next cosplayer comes to show us that cosplaying is not simply restricted to the Japanese culture in the Eastern region.

This is one of the cosplays that I have come to like, considering the level of detail that was placed in the costume plus the effort put in to create the props such as the gate and preparing the explanatory video with subtitles. After all, who can really dislike a sword-wielding girl?

6) Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)

Sanada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara

After a warrior girl, cosplay just isn’t complete without a second male warrior. Here with us is Sanada Yukimura from the video game Sengoku Basara.

Who needs one when you can have two?

Of all cosplayers, I’m most intrigued by those who actually have the stamina and skills to perhaps perform some of the skills of the characters they portray as. And of course, you”ll need to make your weapons with good materials to make sure that they do not fall into pieces after swinging it around a few times.

7) Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)

Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier

Kira!! is probably something I would say when I look at this character. While I never liked the style of the art in the anime, I still appreciated Ranka’s design on other media, not excluding cosplay as well.

Tying a ribbon on the microphone for good luck~

Doing something not quite uncommon as other cosplayers, this cosplayer performed a song for her skit, which is quite suitable considering that her character is a pop singer herself. While I couldn’t tell exactly if she was actually singing the song, considering that voice was included in the music as well, that was also a plus point by itself as her mouth-synchronisation and dancing was quite realistic, making her one of my favourite finalists in this competition.

8) Unicorn Gundam – Destroy Mode (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)

Unicorn Gundam – Destroy Moder from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

And of course, everyone will probably see a Gundam or two in any cosplay event or competition. As you can see, successfully creating a Gundam suit is not an easy task, considering the amount of armour any of these machines would have, which makes it all the more inspiring to make one to impress others.

Shiny lights are always a plus point

While I attempt to steer away from the stereotype that Gundam cosplays are usually the best, I have to admit that I was impressed at the level of work done in this suit. By choosing to cosplay as Unicorn Gundam in its Destroy Mode, practically every part of its body would need to be covered with red LED light in order to achieve the right effect. Even the body tends to be bulky as well, so much that Gundam cosplayers would need help in moving through narrow spaces and up and down staircases. Hence, even if the skit consisted of only a couple of poses, which is to be expected considering how difficult it is to even walk with tons of boxes weighing you down, I would say that this person is definitely worthy of being a finalist in the first place.

9) Johannes Krauser II (Detroit Metal City)

Johannes Krauser II from Detroit Metal City

Seem surprised? Well, it’s possible if you had never heard of Detroit Metal City and its ‘Kiss’ look-alike character Johannes Krauser II, who is the alter ego of the main protagonist Negishi Soichi.


Cosplay No.9 is the only person who I have mixed feelings for regarding whether his performance is good or not. While his costume was undoubtedly well done with its make-up, perhaps it was being ‘too in character’ that this person chooses to reply in half-groans, almost like how a death metal star would respond. Oh well, as least the audience were amused and we got a few laughs, so lets leave it at that.

10) Tracker Predator (Predator series)

Tracker Predator from Predator series

Last but not least, for our last cosplayer, we have Tracker Predator. For me, I felt that the costume indeed seemed authentic, with the detail in the mask as well as the armour, skin and claws (except for the tag, which does makes Predator look like a harmless tourist instead). Again, this was perhaps hindered by the clothing failure in which the cosplayer couldn’t even talk at all through the mask, and was unable to prepare a good skit beforehand.

The results of the Cosplay Competition Solo category:


And finally, the STGCC event has been wrapped up here on Shiro no Monogatari. Hopefully you have had an interesting time and look forward to more event coverage right here in the future.


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