A Little Christmas Exchange with a Fellow Blogger

White Devil Team vs Little Busters!

Today, Hayate-sensei came over to teach me all about the meaning of life. Out of his hands came a deck of Weiss Schwarz cards, in which he wants me to prove myself using my own deck in a battle between cute 2D girls.

Battled him two times using my Little Busters! deck and Angel Beats!/Kud Wafter trial deck respectively, first for practice and learning the rules, the second for real…

… And found that I lost to him in both matches. The amount of experience that Sensei has really makes all the difference.

A very special prezzie...

Next was a belated gift exchange, as a way of celebrating 6 months of friendship. Gave Sensei a HG Unicorn Gundam model kit, and received a really cute Kud glass cup that included a picture of Saya and a Little Busters! coaster. Was really amused by all this, since we gave each other something that was somehow related to our favourite Japanese culture.

Last but not least, both Sensei and I got round to try my newly opened Limited Edition of Halo Reach. Since Hayate-sensei was new to this game, we played the Firefight mode for him to test out the controls. Died a few times since both of us were relatively new to the Xbox 360 console, though we did manage to scrape through in the end.

Hoping to have more fun times like this in the near future, and will definitely remain in contact with Hayate for more meetings to come.


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