Gosick: First Impressions

With the latest season of anime series going on for a while, its time to look at some of these recent ones to see how they have progressed so far. Here we will be looking a favourite of mine, Gosick.

The First Impressions section is something I am starting to introduce new series of anime, particularly those that I am currently watching. This is usually done after three episodes of the said anime, to which I would give a short description so far, introduce some of the more major characters and talk about the opening and ending songs as well. This is mostly done since I am unable to spend my time writing weekly reviews of every episode, and considering the number of animes and manga I probably watch/read plus my school work, it seems only viable to review some episodes in groups. Without further ado, let us start with Gosick.

Gosick, as you can probably tell from the similar-sounding word ‘gothic’, involves lots of pretty gothic clothes dressed upon our petit main heroine. Taking place in a somewhat Victorian setting after the first world war, we explore the country of Sauville in Europe, and particularly St. Marguite Academy where our protagonist is transferred to. Gosick is your classic mystery series which started out as a light novel written Sakuraba Kazuki, involving some gore from the victims as well as danger that our young detectives face. However, nothing can be better than seeing our cool-headed mini detective solve cases one-by-one, as well as our protagonist who serves as her knight.


Kujo Kazuya, our protagonist, arrives in the academy at an inopportune time as a transfer student, earning the nickname the ‘Black Reaper’. Third son of an imperial soldier in Japan, he dislikes the heirachy in his family as the youngest child, and thus tries to prove himself with pride and dignity. He considers Victorique as a mystery, and remains protective of her throughout their journey.

Victorique de Blois, the main heroine and brains behind the pair to solving the mysteries, possess a small figure that reminds one of a doll with her pale skin and her impassive expressions. Being the daughter of a mistress in the Blois family, she is rarely given the freedom to explore the world, and as such remains cooped up reading books with boredom as the frequent enemy of hers. Her wide vocabulary and knowledge acts as proof of the amount of texts that she had read, and she often speaks of reconstructing chaos via the fountain of wisdom to reveal the truth.

First Impressions

One of the jobs well done, I believe, would be the soundtrack and lighting to give an overall dark atmosphere to Gosick. While Gosick is your classic mystery series and not an entirely psychological one, the blending of colours in a darker background leaves behind the thrill of suspense. The art for its characters, however, creates an obvious contrast as to the wonderful details made in the background. Its colours are often of a single tone with not much gradient at all for showing a more three-dimensional effect, instead some characters appear more flat they should have been.

The first three episodes of Gosick actually wraps the first mystery of the Queen Berry quite conveniently, which leaves me being able to comment on it as well. Throughout these first few episodes we are introduced to a little of Kazuya’s and Victorique’s character and past, from Kazuya’s determination to proving his own self-worth to Victorique pitiful circumstances. While these aspects are awkwardly introduced, we can certainly see some development in their character in the later episodes to come as well as a close bond forming between these two people. Future mystery cases should also have no problems as well in its delivery, considering the drama in the first case being well executed and summed up. And of course, who can ever dislike the cuteness and witty sarcasm from Victorique?

Opening and Ending Videos

Destin Histoire by yoshiki☆lisa

Resuscitated Hope by Komine Lisa

While the soundtrack of any anime is important, I believe the opening and ending videos are equally important as well in catching a viewer’s attention. For Gosick, we can see motifs quite similar to paintings and architectural designs, giving the old European feel in its opening. It does add French terms into its lyrics, though whether these achieve its effects it is still uncertain. The ending song, on the other hand, is one that is certainly well made, with its solemn music complementing the dark tones of the video as well as the anime itself.

To watch or not to watch? / 白または黒?

So long as mysteries, lolita fashion or lolis are your cup of tea, Gosick is something that is worth trying out.


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