Serio is a moderate otaku living in the sunny islands of Singapore. While still being a student, he still find time to indulge in anime and manga, which has become a staple in his life. As he slowly finds his future aspirations in life, he expresses great interest in graphic art, and is currently attempting to build up his own artbook collection and eventually his own art pieces. His favourites in anime and manga are those that provide cute and decent art, with possibly a heartwarming story to the mix. As such, he is usually emotional towards the stories he watches or reads. Contrary to belief, while having a fetish towards silver-haired and loli characters, he is in no way a lolicon (rather, he is more likely to be a minicon).

Other than having his anime and manga, Serio is gradually acquainting himself with the world of visual novels. When not doing either of the above, he sometimes stargazes through a telescope or practises drawing manga characters. Otherwises, he still indulges in activities that some other boys his age do as well: playing shooter or fighting games.

Shiro no Monogatari, born on December 2nd 2010, is a review site on both anime and manga, with occasional impressions on some visual novels. In addition, some event coverage and random ramblings are thrown inside to make sure that the blog will always stay alive.  As such, Shiro no Monogatari is a platform for sharing views, and hopefully will become a warm place in the internet where people can find joy through common thoughts and ideas towards the anime and manga world.


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